2019 Event Trends: Color, Nature & New Reasons to Celebrate

The event industry is rapidly changing. As new consumer demands take shape, exciting, fun ways to celebrate are being introduced. Pinterest recently crunched the numbers on what 250 million people using its site are searching and pinning.

We’ve taken the time to dissect the report and extract the important information related to event celebrations and weddings to keep you in the know.

Here are some of the top 2019 event trends they’ve uncovered.

New Reasons to Celebrate

Parties aren’t just limited to birthdays and significant occasions like weddings today. People are finding reasons to gather and host a party for everything from Godparent proposals and gender reveals to full moon parties, that you guessed it, are thrown in honor of the night’s moon.

Color Bomb

The other interesting trend that came from the search analysis included an increase in the use of neon at weddings. Bright signs with personal messages spelled out in neon came out on top as much as the use of the color gold at weddings. Speaking of color explosions, another emerging trend that’s being used at many weddings are photobombs. Not the picture with someone in the distance ruining the shot, but a photography technique where smoke bombs in various colors bring a fun and over-the-top element to your wedding.

Décor Taste

The increasing use of floral and natural elements isn’t going anywhere. Search results show more and more people are planning garden weddings and the use of flower garlands isn’t slowing any time soon either. Expect to see it throughout the seasons.

For those looking to inspiration for other décor elements for their big day – what about the dessert table? Donut décor is everywhere. Can’t decide if you should have a candy buffet or some other sweets at the end of the night, consider donuts. Donut walls, mini treats served with a nightcap, or a spread of various flavors – you can’t go wrong.

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