Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue: The Ultimate Checklist

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is pretty high up on the list of priorities when you’re planning your wedding and rightfully so. After all, for most couples, this is the location where all the day’s major events are going happen. Your first dance, the cake cutting, the, “I Dos” may all happen at this very location – so wanting it to be perfect is understandable.

With all of this weighing on your mind, how do you make your decision on the best wedding venue for your big day? Here’s a checklist of the most important things to look for and consider as you and your partner make your selection.

Consider Date & Theme

Even with the venue choice being a very early selection in the process of building the dream wedding, it’s important to have some details settled on before you begin the selection process.

Consider these factors:

  • Will your wedding include a theme – like a city wedding, a rustic one complete with an old barn or something more classic and formal?

These choices could affect the type of venue you’ll fall in love with for the big day so think about that in advance.

  • Do you have a specific date in mind? This is also key to booking a date.

Some venues lock in dates very far in advance so if you’re settled on a particular date it makes sense to call early and check dates as soon as possible.

Can the Venue Accommodate Your Guest list?

  • Will your wedding will be a small, intimate gathering of close family and friends or a huge blow-out with any and every one you’ve ever met invited to celebrate?

You’ll need to find out if the venue your choosing has room to accommodate those numbers. Even if a final amount isn’t needed early on, knowing the size of your event can assist with other choices along the way too.

Find a Venue that Meets Your Needs

There are so many possibilities when it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions today – no option is out of the question. Choose a venue that you feel confident in working with on this important journey.

  • Learn about a venues menu options, what amenities they offer, additional options you can add, if you’ll need to bring in your own caterer.

All of the details that fall lower on your list should still be factored in when you’re deciding on the perfect venue for your wedding.

Find a venue that aligns with your vision and that offers the services you need to make your big day exactly the dream you’ve always imagined it to be.

Remember, no matter what you and your partner settle on, your wedding day is a memory that you both will share for years to come. The decision on the perfect venue should be made considering what you both want most and guests will follow along in your happiness.

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