Making Memories that Last: Weddings at Our Facilities

Celebrating the marriage of two individuals vowing to unite as one for the future ahead is a special day for all involved. From the couple to their guests, having a celebration that commemorates that bond is important. At Riverhouse Hospitality we understand that an event that’s unique, special and personalized to each couple’s desires is important.

Our dedication to providing sophisticated and exclusive events in Connecticut since 2007 ensures your special day is beyond extraordinary.

Our special event venues across the state deliver historic grandeur, breathtaking views, and the best food and service.

Here’s a taste of just some of the unique and memorable ways we help couples celebrate their wedding day.

The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station

This is a private and gorgeous venue for a wedding. It sits atop the banks of the Connecticut River and delivers photo ops that are breathless for every season.

Choose from a reception luncheon, classic buffet or full sit down dinner. We’ll deliver an ambiance that matches your unique style that’s simply one of a kind.

The Society Room of Hartford

A wedding set in one of the most iconic and historic cities makes The Society Room of Hartford and an unforgettable location for a wedding. From soaring marble columns to massive carved oak front doors, and a gold leaf mural ceiling, there’s a magnificent matrimony waiting to happen inside these doors.

Riverhouse Catering

In it for the experience? Don’t be limited in your options. Riverhouse Catering delivers culinary excellence and unparalleled service for your wedding day at a location you choose.  Rustic farm weddings, lakeside ceremonies and vineyard vibes – the possibilities are endless. We’ll be there to deliver bold, flavorful foods and service to match.

Riverhouse Hospitality delivers the best wedding events in Connecticut. If you’re putting together your dream wedding, look no further.

Riverhouse Hospitality: Dramatic. Bold. Passionate!

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