New Views on Marriage Bring Flexibility to Wedding Industry

Getting married used to be the pinnacle point in a young couples life. Followed by buying a new home and starting a family, the traditional view was to build a future together after tying the knot. Times have changed though and the up and coming Gen Z, as well as millennials, have an all-new view on societal norms and how they see their futures mapped out.

According to Andrew Cherlin, a sociologist at Johns Hopkins, marriage has now become the final step in solidifying a happy future versus thinking that it must be the first step.

Starting with the millennial generation, we’re already seeing those who have reached the traditional “marriage age” delaying the big day to focus more on financial growth and furthering education to have a solid platform from which to build a family.

The choice to cohabitate and focus on securing their own personal achievements is even being linked to a decline in divorce rates.

Re-Shaping the Wedding Industry

These changes are also leading the wedding industry to innovate. From event facilities that host ceremonies to the wedding planners working with couples on the details for their special day and even department stores that once thrived on wedding registries,  all are now taking a more flexible approach and offering new services and selections that meet the needs of today’s market and that of future generations.

Focus on Experiences

Traditional ceremonies and gifts are being replaced by a desire to have unique, memorable experiences. Whether it be a honeymoon on an exotic island swimming with dolphins over a pots and pans set, or replacing traditional wedding ceremonies with other reasons to celebrate life achievements with the same grandeur.

Celebrate in Style

Access to an incredible event venue can set the mood for everlasting memories. For those life celebrations that should be remembered, choosing the right venue is key.

Events to Consider:

  • Graduation
  • Age Milestone
  • Baby Shower
  • Religious Milestone
  • Celebration of Life

At Riverhouse Hospitality, our goal is to make your event a dream come true. From the finest cuisine to creating the perfect ambiance, we aim to delight, entertain and most importantly make memories that last!

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