Planning a Weekday Wedding

As we continue to move through these unprecedented times, you might be making changes in your wedding plans and we wanted to be here with you through the entire process to let you know that you have our full support. We are working to help all Connecticut brides reschedule, pick new dates and even make future plans based on all new ideas to make your magical day as amazing as you’d always hoped it would be and more!

As we always say, picking the date for your big day is the most important first step in getting the rest of the day’s details planned. We understand this can be an emotional thing to think about after the pandemic that has shaken up everything in our lives but take the time you need to think about a new date. Talk it over with your partner, maybe there’s another day with a special meaning or a time of the year you hadn’t considered before that could work great now. While Spring and Fall are traditionally the most popular seasons for weddings, Summer and Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular have some magnificent possibilities! There’s also very often more dates available at the best venues.

In the post-COVID world, a lot will change. When it comes to weddings, and with so many brides wanting to get married as soon as they can book with a venue, we’ll also be looking at a changed future in terms of what days weddings happen. Traditional weddings were already on their way out the door before, and we’ve been seeing a boost in popularity for Friday weddings, but now we’ll start to see more weddings happening on other days of the week too.

Weekday weddings are a great choice if you’re looking to get married as soon as social distancing rules are removed and to ensure you’re still able to have the wedding at the dream location you had chosen. Many vendors are opening up to Monday-Thursday wedding possibilities and it will certainly become a trend in the near future. With everything we have all been through, who won’t want to get out any day of the week to celebrate such a wonderful occasion!

Any day of the week can be a wedding day!

Even before the pandemic, brides were starting to choose Thursday weddings as a way to book their top venues at more affordable prices in their favorite season of choice. Thursday’s are sure to be a popular next choice for many couples as they reschedule.

Another thing to keep in mind as you choose a new day is that some guests who had previously been unable to attend might now be able and excited to attend after being stuck at home for so long. Many will be looking forward to an opportunity to travel, socialize, and gather with others again. Choose a Monday wedding celebration and make a whole weekend out of it. Guests from out of town can settle in you can have a host of other events to celebrate the day leading up to your vow exchange and then finish off the long weekend celebration with a wedding ceremony and reception to remember!

As we continue to follow guidelines from the CDC and push through together as a nation to fight this pandemic, Riverhouse Hospitality is offering personal tours, virtual tours, video conferencing sessions and highly responsive staff at all of our venue locations who can assist you every step of the way.


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