Wondering About Wedding Venue Must-Haves? Read This.

Booking a wedding venue is one of the many important details that goes into planning your dream day. You want a location that has the ambiance you desire, but the food also needs to be amazing as well as the service to really make the event spectacular.

While price and cake options might be a huge deciding factor for one couple, another may be looking to create a fairytale scenery complete with the right lighting as their top-of-list items for a venue. Since no two couples or events are the same, it’s important to think about what matters most to make your day a memorable one.

Here are some things to think about as you build that list of must-haves for your wedding venue.

Crunch the Numbers

Before making any further decisions about the when and where for your event, you’ll have to crunch some pretty important numbers as they will have an effect on the choices you make from that point on. Think about how many people you’re planning to invite to the wedding. Each venue has a max headcount and it’s something you won’t be able to negotiate on in many cases. Likewise, while you have your calculator out, think about your budget. Maybe you don’t know exactly how much you’ll spend overall, but having a general idea in mind on roughly what you’re willing to spend for the wedding of your dreams will help guide your purchasing decisions.

Location, Location

There’s a lot of importance in picking the right location for your wedding venue. For starters, if you have an idea for a theme or atmosphere you’d like your wedding to be set in, you’ll need the right place to make that happen. If you like something sleek and modern, something rustic and outdoors, or something traditional and elegant, there are different settings to achieve the right vibe that you’ll want to keep in mind. While scoping out venues, be sure to check out the bathrooms to see if they meet what you envision for guests and find out about the ability to add some of your own personality to the décor or there are rules you’ll need to follow when it comes to bringing outside items before you sign on the dotted line.

Menu & Sampling

Knowing what menu options the venue offers will be important. Your guests will be there to see the union and partnership happen, but they’re also there to eat, drink and have a good time. To make that possible, you’ll have to select food options that delight. You’ll also want to visit in person and taste the options to ensure it’s exactly what you had in mind. Likewise, think about the drink service at the event. Will you go top shelf, open bar or want wine served? This is an important consideration for many, so don’t forget to make it part of the initial discussions.

If you’re planning a wedding in Connecticut and have a vision set for what the perfect setting would be, check out Riverhouse Hospitality for the best locations and first-class catering in the state. We have exactly what you need to make the event of your dreams a reality.

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